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Traveller Evictions

Enlist our help on your private land

Traveller Eviction Service

If you’ve got travellers on your private land, we can help you evict them quickly – and safely – as well as putting in the appropriate measures to prevent the situation from arising again.

Stressful and time-consuming. These are the most common words that people use when it comes to removing trespassers. But with The Enforcement Agents on your side, we ensure that all your worries are dealt with, using an efficient and safe traveller eviction service.

Our Approach

Not only do expert enforcement agencies, like us, have the appropriate skills and contacts to be able to evict correctly. But we have the ability to execute powers under Common Law bypassing the need for expensive court proceedings.

Once instructed, we’ll attend the site where we’ll carry out a full risk assessment. In some cases, the travellers leave quickly and without a situation panning out.

In other instances, police support may be required but we’ll take care of all the hard work for you. Not to mention we’ll keep you updated during the entire process.

Once your land has been vacated, we’ll advise you on what steps should be taken to secure the area to prevent it from happening again. We’ll also help you to prevent fly tipping.


What are enforcement agents?

Enforcement agents or a certificated enforcement agent is someone who has rights under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 in England and Wales to take control of a property, money or goods. They are also known as certificated bailiffs.

What is the typical approach?

Once you’ve been in touch and we’ve discussed your situation, we’ll send out a Notice of Enforcement. This is a written notice to either the tenant, squatter or trespasser detailing the offence, notice period and action needed. If nothing has been resolved during the specific period, then we’ll attend to the site to start the next stage.

What time will the enforcement agents attend site?

We work 7 days a week and can attend commercial premises seven days a week, during hours the business is trading.

Will you carry ID?

Yes. All our agents carry the appropriate ID and paperwork. They will show this before entering.

Do you work with the police?

Situations can get fraught. That’s why we often work with the police to diffuse environments and to prevent a breach of peace. We’ve built up a fantastic working relationship with local authorities all around the UK.

I’ve received a letter of notice. What does this mean?

If you’ve recently received a letter from us, then we’ve been instructed to collect a debt which is owed by you. Whether or not you agree, you must contact us to prevent the case from escalating.

When it comes to collecting a debt, what options are there?

We work with everyone’s best interests at heart. If you’re a private landlord, we’ll seek to obtain the full payment or regain control of the property. This can be done by changing the locks or establishing a payment plan.

What if your agent is refused entry or can’t get in?

We will make a number of in person visits at different times and days. If we still cannot gain access we can esculate the matter and seek an order from the court to obtain entry.

where can i get help with my debts?

We work with the following organisations who can offer you free, impartial, confidential advice;

StepChange Debt Charity
A national debt advice charity for individuals and self-employed people.
0800 138 1111

A charity covering most of the UK that can arrange a home visit to discuss your situation, seeing first-hand what you might be going through, and providing the personal touch.
01274 760720

Citizens Advice
Nationwide High Street advice agency. Providing individuals with advice on benefits, law, debt, housing, and much more.
Go online to find your nearest Citizens Advice.

Money Advice Trust
Debt advice and guidance for Individuals and self-employed.
0808 808 4000

Why choose The Enforcement Agents?

If you need help with any traveller eviction from your land or commercial premises, we’re the team to turn to. With over two decades of experience and the relevant certifications, our network of national agents have an excellent track record of recovering money and property for individuals and businesses all over the UK.

Lawful approaches

When you choose us, you can rest in the knowledge that our team will carry out all work lawfully and in accordance with the relevant legislation including CRAR procedures.

Protect the tenant-landlord relationship

Often the landlords and tenants we work with go on to have a successful working relationship in the future. When you use The Enforcement Agents, no bridges are burned.


Real-time updates

Not knowing what’s happening can be as stressful as the situation itself. That’s why we promise to give you real-time updates, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Years of experience

We provide a fast and efficient service all over the UK. We have been providing enforcement services for over 20 years.

Let’s Talk

Travellers and trespassers can be problematic for any land owner. And for the past two decades, we have come to their assistance all around the UK to remove identified individuals for all types of property. So, if you’ve noticed travellers in your vicinity, our certificated enforcement service can help you…

Get in touch on call free on 0203 432 2386 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, fill in this contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.